Google Chrome will allow changing passwords at risk faster than ever

google chrome will allow changing passwords at risk faster than.jpg
google chrome will allow changing passwords at risk faster than.jpg

Google has taken advantage of the Google I / O framework to present new features when it comes to managing passwords in Chrome. Through the phone we will not only be able to know which passwords have been compromised (something Chrome already warns about), but also we can solve passwords at risk automatically.

This function will begin, as usual, in the United States, to gradually expand throughout the rest of the territories “in the coming months.” We are going to tell you the information that Google has given in this regard, as it is more than interesting.

Google will fix your passwords at risk

Animation showing how Chrome will help you change stolen passwords automatically.

Google Chrome has a password manager that allows us both to detect passwords at risk through a warning and to create strong passwords that are stored in the Google account (something key, since they are random passwords that are difficult to remember). Google has wanted to combine these two functions to create a system that will fix our passwords at risk.

As of the moment this update arrives in Chrome, we can fix compromised passwords quickly. Specifically, when Chrome finds a password that may have been violated, Google Assistant itself provide us with a button to change the password.

By pressing on it, We will navigate through Chrome to the website, accessing a menu from which we can change the password quickly. As we have anticipated, this novelty will begin to arrive first in the United States, reaching the rest of the world in the coming months.

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