Google Chrome shows our recent searches in new tabs: so you can disable it

google chrome shows our recent searches in new tabs so.webp.webp.webp
google chrome shows our recent searches in new tabs so.webp.webp.webp

What you are looking for on the Internet can define you and put you in trouble in equal parts, and it is that everyone at some point has searched for something that they are not too proud of. Now you are searches may appear every time we open a new tab in Google Chrome on Android.

When you open a new tab in Google Chrome on Android, you can type a URL or start a search from the form, but just below are a series of quick shortcuts to frequently visited websites. Searches now slip between them, which you may not want to see there too much. luckily you can turn off these search suggestions.

Favorite websites and searches

Google, the company behind the Google search engine, wants you to use Google, their search engine. After several years in which the new tabs of Google Chrome they suggested opening websites that we visited frequently In the style of Opera’s Speed ​​Dial of the Pleistocene, recent search suggestions have just arrived.

That is, after spending an intensive afternoon searching for photos of funny dogs, you will find the button to resume your search for photos of funny dogs, just a tap away. As with website suggestions, you can’t set which buttons appear as suggestions, but you can remove those you don’t want to show, with a long touch.


Examples of recent searches mixed with website suggestions

With enough patience and frequent clicking Remove on everything you’re interested in, you can get these shortcuts to take you to the websites you visit most often, but this is now going to be interrupted with the advent of search suggestions. The good news is that can be disabledat least for now.

To do this, you’ll need to modify the Chrome Flag called #organic-repeatable-queries. Among the possible options you can choose if you limit them to a maximum of four, but the most radical way to eliminate them completely is to choose disableddisable.


After restarting Google Chrome, the shortcuts of the new tabs in Google Chrome they will go back to being websites and not searches. Of course, your most embarrassing searches will still appear when you tap on the search bar, unless you clear your Google search history.

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