Google Chrome on Android will let you expand the text of each website independently

google chrome on android will let you expand the text.jpg
google chrome on android will let you expand the text.jpg

Google Chrome for Android is preparing a new accessibility function by which you can easily expand the size of the text of any website, with a custom zoom. The great news is that this zoom level will be remembered for each web page.

It is possible to zoom in Google Chrome on most web pages using the zoom gesture, to which is added the text wrapping accessibility settings, which allows you to change the size of the text from 50% to 200%. The great novelty, which can already be tested in Chrome Canary, is that it will be possible zoom on any page easily and independently.

Easy zoom on any website

It is hugely common in desktop web browsers to be able to change zoom level easily pressing the Control key and the mouse wheel at the same time. This works in Chrome for PC, but not in Chrome for Android. Of course, it is on the way.

The custom zoom level for each website it can already be tested in Google Chrome Canary, pre

The next step is to open any web page and tap on the lock icon in the address bar. Among the available options will then appear Zoom, where you can adjust the zoom of the web page from 25% (making everything smaller) to 500% (making everything bigger).


The result is exactly the same as when zooming in Google Chrome on a PC, increasing the size of the text and also of the images of any web page, with the advantage over the “normal” approach that the text is readjusted to try to maintain the original design of the web, without having to use scrolling.

An advantage of this zoom level is that the settings are remembered for each web page, so you can make one website use a huge zoom and the rest don’t. Available first in Chrome Canary, the normal thing would be for this function to later reach the Dev, Beta and, finally, the stable version.

Chrome Canary (unstable)

Chrome Canary (unstable)

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