Google Chrome 103 no longer shows you your saved passwords: they are in the Android password manager

google chrome 103 no longer shows you your saved passwords.jpg
google chrome 103 no longer shows you your saved passwords.jpg

Google has a habit of duplicating things and then merging them and removing the copies that have become unnecessary. Something similar has happened with the saved passwords of Google Chrome. Until now Google Chrome showed saved passwords in its settings, but now it redirects you to Google’s password manager.

The novelty comes at the same time as the new direct access to Google’s password manager, giving us to understand that Google plans focus all related tasks on the password manager itself (which belongs to the Google app) instead of duplicating efforts in other apps, like Google Chrome.

No more seeing your saved passwords in Chrome

Google Chrome 103 is currently rolling out via Google Play as an update, and you’ll notice a difference the next time you want to check a saved password. The old Passwords menu in setup becomes password manager.

While with the old Passwords menu you could see the passwords saved in your Google account directly in Google Chrome, the new Password Manager menu redirects you to Google password manager, which is part of the Google app. It’s the same as using the new password manager shortcut.


Google Chrome 102 and Google Chrome 103

The change makes sense in a way, because in a synced account the passwords are synced from the Google account, therefore being available on both sites. As Google added more features like password checking and automatic password changing, this meant include duplicate functions in Chrome and in the Google app.

Now things change if you don’t use account sync or even if you use Google Chrome without a Google account or even without Google services, then there is no Google password manager installed. In this case, Google Chrome 103 keeps the old password section as it was, with the passwords saved locally and keeping the check passwords.

In short, if you use Google Chrome with a synchronized Google account, when you want to check a saved password now, the browser will take you to the Google password manager. If you don’t use a Google account, everything will stay the same, at least for now. Google Chrome version 103 is rolling out now on Google Play and should reach everyone in the next few hours or days.

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