Google Calendar will eliminate the ‘Goals’: it will no longer look for the best time for you to meet your goals

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1659564637 1366 2000.webp.webp

We now know that Google will remove this useful feature from its app. Text strings have been found in the source code of your application that speak of its removal:

deprecationbanner_title”>Goals will leave Calendar soon

deprecationbannerlearnmore”>More information about Objective alternatives

deprecationbannerbuttontext”>Create an event instead

As we can see, Google will invite the user to create an event to replace your targets, so that the calendar continues to remind you of the days and times in which you have to carry out your activity. When Google deletes the goals, they will stop showing future events but will show the goals that we have met in the past.


Now what google calendar is a Google Workspace product the company wants to remove the more casual features that have nothing to do with business productivity. It will be necessary to see if in the future Google adds these objectives in the Assistant or in Google Fit.