Google brings Android messages to iPhone: SMS reactions start to appear

google brings android messages to iphone sms reactions start to.jpg
google brings android messages to iphone sms reactions start to.jpg

Google is testing a new improvement to bring to its Until now, when we receive an emoji-shaped message that comes from an iPhone, or a reaction to a message, on Android phones this appears in text format. With this improvement, that answer appears in the same way, represented by an emoji.

From iOS to Android: SMS and RCS


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The Google Messages beta application can be tested from this link and offers some functions that will later reach the global version. In the latest version, 10.7, they discovered in the code how the app would allow manage incoming SMS reactions in

Google Messages becomes able to detect incoming reactions when they have been in


What Google has done is make Messages able to map and match some of the iMessage reactions to that match what is available through RCS, a protocol that supports Android, but not iOS, a system that continues to use the SMS protocol.

With this improvement, now if for example they like a message, we will see this represented as its respective emoji represented in the upper right corner of the message, similar to how it appears in the Messages application on an iPhone. So far, these reactions are represented in text form.