Google Assistant will have a weather widget, that’s how it works

google assistant will have a weather widget thats how it.jpg
google assistant will have a weather widget thats how it.jpg

The latest update to the Google app includes a curious widget related to Assistant, although it is hidden in the application code. This widget offers a size of 3×2, includes the user’s location, an icon referring to the current time and the pertinent temperature data.

Google has renewed its collection of widgets with the arrival of Android 12, Material You is going to be a full stop when it comes to the general design of the operating system. Rounded corners, backgrounds with flat colors that adapt to the user and greater proactivity thanks to Google Assistant. Precisely, with the latest update of its app Google has introduced new features in the widgets. Soon we will be able to use one with the weather information.

Weather information directly on the desktop

Google Assistant Weather Widget

Widget selector and the two color modes: light and dark. XDA Developers screenshots

The new Google widget complements those already offered on Android: the search engine integrated into the desktop, with the option of typing or using voice search, and the “At a glance”, the widget that Google includes as standard in the Pixel (and that can be integrated into other Android thanks to certain launchers, such as Nova).

As demonstrated in XDA Developers, the code of the latest version of the Google app, number 12.36.15 in beta, includes a weather widget that adapts to the mode chosen on the phone (dark or light). He’s not ready for Material You yet, but it’s probably a matter of time (wink, wink).

The widget in question offers a 3×4 size, includes the temperature of the location, the location itself and has an icon where the current weather is represented. It is a simple widget that perfectly complements the search widget. And that will be available to decorate the desktop once Google activates it from its servers.

The new weather widget joins the new generation of these elements that seems to revive with the arrival of Android 12 (and with the strong presence that they are gaining in iOS). The beta of the Google app can be downloaded with just one registration in the beta process, but with its installation the widget is not available. At least for now.