Google Assistant is integrated into the Gboard keyboard: the Pixel 6 will debut voice dictation with the assistant

google assistant is integrated into the gboard keyboard the pixel.jpeg
google assistant is integrated into the gboard keyboard the pixel.jpeg

In the absence of the presentation of the new Google models with the Pixel seal, we are getting to know some of the improvements that will come with the new Google phones. In this case it is the improved voice typing system that comes to the Google Keyboard, Gboard.

And it is that the new keyboard will make use of a new system that allows us to write using the voice as well as perform different actions. Yes in Google Play Store we already had the Instant Transcription application to improve accessibility, now the new dictation function inherits part of the operation of the previous one but applying the improvements to Gboard.

Google Assistant for typing

Pixel 2

Gboard, the Google keyboard can be downloaded from the Play Store for all Android-based devices. Even on an iPhone we can install Gboard from the App Store. An application that will feature on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro with an improved dictation system.

Discovered in the Telegram group of Google News, these two phones will feature a new voice dictation system on the Gboard keyboard that switch to using the Google Assistant when typing words and text that we are dictating. In fact, directly on the keyboard we will have the possibility of using different functions with the help of Google Assistant.

We have a series of commands available by voice, instructions that in principle they will only be available in English and that later they will have to have support for other languages.