Google already has the group transfer ready for ‘Nearby Share’: sending files to four devices at the same time

google already has the group transfer ready for nearby share.jpg
google already has the group transfer ready for nearby share.jpg

Last summer, Google officially announced ‘Nearby Share’ (‘Share with Nearby’ in Spanish), a new feature for share files between Android devices in a simple, fast and safe way. Come on, what many called “the Android AirDrop” for its great resemblance to the content delivery system proposed by Apple.

Until now, ‘Nearby Share’ only allows file sharing with a single device, but Goole has been working on it for some time.

Transfers to nearby contacts and devices

The XDA developers have analyzed the APK of the future version 21.15.12 of Google Play Services to force upcoming Nearby Share features, including group transfer to share files on multiple devices at once.

As we see in the video, this new group transfer function will allow us to

In the images we can see that the shipment is not done all at once, but you have to manually accept the transfer to each terminal to be done one at a time. Hopefully the latter is corrected in the final version.

Nearby Share Everyone Mode Images: XDA

In addition, they have discovered an improvement in the visibility of the device so that we can not only share files with close contacts, but also with any device that is in close proximity. However, there is the option to “temporarily use everyone’s mode” to better preserve our privacy. If it is not inconvenient for you, you can choose to “keep everyone’s mode all the time”.

Still no confirmation of when the update will be rolled out (and the APK does not confirm that it will), but considering that these new features already seem to be functional, it is likely that Google will not take long to officially announce it.

Via | Android Community