Google already allows you to visit museums around the world from your mobile and without installing anything

google already allows you to visit museums around the world.jpg
google already allows you to visit museums around the world.jpg

Google launched in 2018 its Pocket Gallery tool, the well-known Google Arts & Culture that we can enjoy through the augmented reality of our phone. Until now, it was necessary to resort to the application to enjoy visits in augmented realityBut now Google has made the process even easier.

All the galleries of the Pocket Gallery are now available to users without having to install anything, since now they are hosted on the Google website. This means that we can make these visits in augmented reality through Android, iPhone and desktop, since it will only be necessary to access the browser.

Travel through the best museums in the world without installing anything

Google Museums

Google just announced on its blog that all the galleries in Pocket Gallery are already available on the web, so we can enjoy them even if our phone does not have Augmented Reality capabilities, as it happens with several old or entry-level models.

From the browser of your phone you can take guided tours with a narrator included, where you can move freely through the museums

You just have to open the browser and access Arts & Culture, where we will find visits in augmented reality. For example, you have this visit to several European museums that you can access from your phone’s browser. No matter how powerful it is, you just need an internet connection.

Google Guided Tours they have a narrator, which we can activate or deactivate, and allow us to move freely through the rooms of the selected museums. Without a doubt, a good way to bring culture to all users, for free and accessible from your iPhone, Android or PC.

As always, you can also enjoy these visits in the Arts & Culture app itself, so you choose now if you want to have the app installed or if you prefer to visit from the web.