Goodbye to Spam in Google Drive: copy this useful function to Gmail to eliminate unwanted documents

goodbye to spam in google drive copy this useful function.webp.webp.webp
goodbye to spam in google drive copy this useful function.webp.webp.webp

During the annual conference of Google I/O 2023, the company of the most used search engine in the world announced great news for all your services. Both Google Photos, Maps or Android 14 will receive news based on advances in Artificial Intelligence.

But not only does Google live on AI, which has announced a significant improvement to its cloud service. Google Drive will have a new folder in which we can place the files that are spam, thus preventing them from being mixed with the rest of the useful files.

A folder that is a pre-deletion step

As with the Mountain View-based company’s email service, Google Drive will have a spam folder where we can store all unwanted documents. It may not be something revolutionary, but everyone who uses this cloud service sometimes sees it fill up with files that we don’t need.

Our Drive storage unit becomes more confusing when we share documents and other files with contacts, but now they will have their ideal place: the new spam folder. It will also be useful when they share with us files of dubious origin or suspects. Thus, we can mark these files to report them to Google once they are part of the folder.

In addition to the simple fact of including them in said folder, another advantage that it provides us is that we will no longer see notifications of updates to these files. When we pass unwanted files to the spam folder, updates will be disabled, thus avoiding extra hassle.

Google Drive Spam

It is worth mentioning that the documents that remain marked as spam, will be deleted automatically after 30 days. Therefore, we should not worry about them accumulating either, Google will take care of it.

As the company itself confirms, this feature will be available to all Workspace users starting on May 24. Enter the deployment extended rollout so it may take more than 15 days to appear from the release date. Similarly, users with personal accounts they will also be able to take advantage of it later, without forgetting that it will be present on the website and mobile applications.

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