Gmail is including more advertising in the inbox: so you can remove it

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Since Google is a company that gets most of its income from advertising, it ends up sneaking into the rest of the products, even if they don’t appear to show ads. Google collects a lot of money from the promotion of apps in the Play Store For example, search also brings you huge profits with sponsored links. And this strategy is also present in Gmail; with some ads that go to more.

Advertising inserted in the middle of the mailbox

Gmail Ads

Ad unit moved from the top

Gmail offers advertising in its mobile application, also on the web. Yes indeed, only in one mailbox: the “Promotions”. In the event that you do not have such a tray, your Gmail will remain clean of ads. And if you use it, the opposite will happen: more advertising messages will appear.

Google is experimenting with expanding its promotional emails within the tab with the same name. If until now one or two ads appeared at the top of the list, Gmail has started to include them in lower positions as well. In this way, advertising can appear when scrolling through the promotional email tray; always with a similar aspect to the rest of the emails (with the exception of the “Announcement” label that each advertising email carries).

The novelty was spotted by Jaina Mistryalso our inbox has started to push ads past the top positions (although not to the middle inbox positions yet).

Gmail app on Android is now showing ads in the promo tab in the middle of the inbox as you scroll as well as the top.

Do not like.

— Jaina Mistry (@jainamistry) July 23, 2022

Although ads exist in Gmail, there is a very simple way to get rid of them: just disable inbox filtering.

  • Open the Gmail app on your Android, click on the top three menu lines and display the hidden side menu on the left side of the screen.
  • Scroll down to “Settings.”
  • Go to account settings, not “General Settings”.
  • Go to “Inbox categories“.
  • Uncheck all the options to leave only the main category active.
Android Gmail Ads

Uncheck categories and unify inbox to remove ads from Gmail

Turning off inbox organization will prevent Gmail from inserting ads into your email list. at least for now: Perhaps Google will extend the one published also to those who have the unified tray.