Gmail is flooded with advertising: so you can delete all ads on Android

gmail is flooded with advertising so you can delete all.webp.webp.webp
gmail is flooded with advertising so you can delete all.webp.webp.webp

There is no doubt that Google makes its services profitable through advertising, hence the fact that almost all of them are free. Gmail is no exception and in recent times we have already talked about it due to the arrival of the blue verification check, but now it is back on the scene because of advertising that begins to appear among our emails.

This has been echoed by some media such as The Verge, and it is that Google is increasing the number of ads that sneak into the middle of the emails that we receive On mobile, the situation doesn’t look much better, with expandable ads that occupy a large part of the screen.

More advertising in Gmail


That Gmail has advertising it’s not new, because for a long time the ads have invaded our inbox, moving freely. These are in addition to the already present promotional emails, or the spam that Gmail should automatically categorize.

But now, many users have begun to report on social networks the ads that are integrated between emails, looking like one more with hardly any distinction. In fact, if it weren’t for the little icon that contains the word “Ad”, they could go through conventional emails.

gmail advertising

on mobile something similar happens, with the addition of some ads that expand with high-resolution images, as confirmed by 9to5Google for the first time. Of course, it is unknown if this change is something definitive or is simply a test by the Mountain View company.

Another way of identify these ads and so avoiding touching them wrongly is paying attention to the allowed actions. By default, Gmail lets us select emails in batches, in addition to marking them as important (with the star icon). Well, neither of these two actions are allowed in the ads.

How to remove ads from your inbox

Yes, you are reading right. In the official Gmail application for Android we can forget about annoying ads changing a setting. Luckily, we can still apply this change so that we don’t see ads anywhere.

Gmail Ads Android

This is how expandable ads look like in Gmail for Android

To do this, naturally, we will open the Gmail app on the mobile to display the side menu from the left side (we can also click on the button in the upper left corner). Then we’ll play on settingswe will click on the account that we are going to configure and we will go to the “Inbox” section.

By default, we will have the “Default inbox” option enabled, but if we change it to any other mode, the promotions, social and notifications sections will be deactivated, thus avoiding advertising. If we need the default tray and we don’t want to change it, all we have to do is go to “Inbox categories”, and then deactivate the tabs we don’t want to see. It is advisable disable “Promotions”because as described in the app they are advertising messages.

Gmail Remove Ads

Hereinafter, we will not be bothered by advertising in the mobile app. However, in the future Google may decide to serve ads regardless of user settings. At the moment we don’t know, but at least we have a way to avoid them.

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