Gmail improves its design by reducing the space of the bottom menu

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More space for your Gmail inbox

Gmail Renewed

Left, old design; right and center: new design with color variations thanks to Material You

It is not a huge improvement, but it does represent a visual change that is appreciated. Especially for those who want to maximize the space available on the interface: with the latest Gmail update, the application remove bottom menu labels while reducing and slimming the icons.

The novelty comes in the form of an update from Google servers. From our experience, the redesign of the bottom area of ​​Gmail appears already in version 2022.08.07; as long as the user has chat and meeting options turned onif not the redesign is hardly noticeable.

As we said, Gmail removes the labels from the bottom menu making that area occupy less height. With another detail: the icons evolve slightly towards a more Material You style. And they adapt to the accent colors selected from the “Wallpaper and style” settings, a feature that was already present in Gmail for those with Android 12 or Android 13.

It is not that the evolution in design is exaggerated, nor does it imply a notable change in the user experience. Even so, it is appreciated that Google polishes the appearance of one of its star applications. Especially for those who are not convinced about keeping the chat and meeting icons active: with this update they do not bother so much in the inbox.

Via | 9to5Google