Gmail for Android launches the ‘Storage used’ indicator so you can manage your space in the cloud

gmail for android launches the storage used indicator so you.jpg
gmail for android launches the storage used indicator so you.jpg

Our Google account comes with a free 15GB of cloud storagea space managed by Google One and that is shared between Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive and the backup of our device, among other services, so it is important to manage our storage in the cloud so as not to run out of space.

To help us manage our storage we see how the application gmail for mobile devices follow the steps of Google Photos and add a new section to consult the used storageas we will see below.

Storage used in Gmail

Gmail Storage Used

Google has begun to massively deploy in the application gmail a new indicator that will indicate the used storage. This notice will appear on the our account menu.

This notice shows us the used storage percentage and total space that we have free or contracted with Google One. To have more details we just have to click on the indicator to see the space used by each Google service, such as the storage used by Gmail. It also offers us a direct access to free up space with Google One.

When we’re running out of space in the cloud we will see a yellow alert directly on the image of our avatar in the search bar so that we can try to solve that problem before we run out of storage and Google services stop working properly when we run out of free space to receive more emails or upload photos, videos or any type of file.

Gmail Storage Used Cap02

Thanks to this novelty we no longer have to go to the web version of Gmail or use the Google One application to check the storage used. It is expected that over the next few days this novelty will reach all users.

Via | 9to5Google