GLS already has an app for iOS and Android in Spain: you can now download MyGLS

gls already has an app for ios and android in.jpg
gls already has an app for ios and android in.jpg

GLS is one of the most relevant parcel and courier companies in Spain, although its presence in the Play Store and the App Store was not very relevant. To date, there was only the third-party app GLS e-Tracking, which did not work very well. Now GLS launches app in Spain and it is already available in the main app stores.

You can now download My GLS from the Google Play Store and from the App Store, completely free. We are going to tell you how it works and what you can do with it.

You can now manage your GLS shipments with your mobile

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The My GLS app is now official, so you can use it in Spanish territory to manage your shipments and collections. The app, first of all, allows you to contract shipments directly from your mobile, thus avoiding that we have to go through the website.

That is to say, We can see the shipping price and contract it, filling in all the necessary data so that it reaches its recipient. The prices are the same as on the official website.

With the GLS app we can leave shipments paid, as well as manage their movements, know nearby GLS points and more

We can track these shipments, as well as those of the packages that we have pending to receive (as long as we have the corresponding tracking number). It also allows know the closest agencies or GLS points, in case we have to carry out some kind of face-to-face procedure.

The app is free and you can download it on both iOS and Android. It is ad-free and the fastest way to manage GLS shipments and collections from your mobile phone.



  • Price: Free
  • Developer: GLS Spain
  • Download: For Android in Google Play Store
  • Download: For iOS in the App Store