Get ready for WhatsApp edited messages: they are already seen without tricks in its beta for Android

get ready for whatsapp edited messages they are already seen.webp.webp.webp
get ready for whatsapp edited messages they are already seen.webp.webp.webp

We did not expect it to arrive and yet it is on its way: WhatsApp is preparing the edition of messages. Palace things are slow and WhatsApp even more, but this time it seems to be going a little faster than usual: now we can see edited WhatsApp messages on Androidno root and no stories.

We were able to test edited WhatsApp messages a couple of weeks ago, but the feature is not active for users, rather it is necessary to have a rooted mobile. Without this requirement, we could neither edit nor view edited messages on the rest of the mobile phones, but the latter already seems to be available with normal versions of WhatsApp, anticipating that the arrival of message editing could be near.

Edited (almost) posts are here

When we tried the WhatsApp message edition, we could verify that we needed a modified mobile both for in

This is so because of the way in which WhatsApp manages edited messages. Each edit is sent as a new message and is handled by the WhatsApp client. replace the original message with the most modern edition. WhatsApp versions that don’t include this logic yet simply can’t do it. Now they can. At least in part.


The same chat, before and after a message is edited

We have been able to verify how WhatsApp for Android Beta, at least in its version, already shows us the edited messages correctly, even though we can’t edit our own messages. In the past, WhatsApp has acted in a similar way for other news, such as surveys: we were able to see them before everyone could create them, if someone with the active function sent us one.

This on the one hand confirms that message editing continues and, furthermore, at a good pace, since the first time we heard about the matter was in June of last year. If the app is displaying edited messages correctly, hopefully we won’t have to wait long for WhatsApp to start testing the edit feature on a small group of users.


The same moment in both mobiles at the same time. The edited message does not appear with the new text until you exit and re-enter the conversation.

With the edited messages that can already be seen correctly in WhatsApp for Android, the original message is deleted, however the implementation can still be improved. For now the new text does not appear until we exit and re-enter the chatwhich is something that will certainly need to be fixed before the edition is made available to everyone.

We still have a few unknowns about editing WhatsApp messages, such as how much time will we have to edit a message or if in

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