Gboard’s clipboard makes it easy to share your screenshots – so you can try it

gboards clipboard makes it easy to share your screenshots.jpg
gboards clipboard makes it easy to share your screenshots.jpg

Google does not stop enhancing the clipboard from your keyboard Gboard. If a few weeks ago he made him smarter with his new suggestions, now we see through his latest beta version the arrival of another important novelty to his clipboard.

Now if you have to share one or more screenshots you can do it easily with Gboard. The Google keyboard integrates the screenshots on your clipboard.

Screenshots in Gboard

Gboard Clipboard Screenshots

With the latest version of Gboard Beta, if we take a screenshot and open the keyboard we will see a new one suggestion with screenshot Ready to be shared or pasted in any compatible messaging application, social network or text editor.

In addition, if we open the clipboard we will have access to all recent screenshots, which makes it more convenient to share several screenshots, since it will not be necessary to leave the keyboard and search the application gallery.

How to test the new Gboard clipboard

Gboard Clipboard Screenshots

To activate this new feature you just have to update to the latest version of Gboard Beta. To update to the Beta you just have to sign up as a tester from this link.

Once Gboard Beta is updated, you just have to open the keyboard, click on the tool clipboard and on the “Add screenshots to your Gboard clipboard for easier pasting” card, click on “Continue” to activate it after allowing the keyboard to access the photos and multimedia files on your device.

This option can also be activated or deactivated from the Settings of Gboard> Clipboard> Save Recent Screenshots to Clipboard. This novelty is expected to reach the world in the coming weeks when Google updates the stable version of Gboard.

Via | 9to5Google