Gboard Trick: Three Different Ways to Access Google Keyboard Settings

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how to access its settings to fully customize it? Well, there are three different ways to achieve it, we show you all of them.

Writing with Gboard is simple, it offers a huge number of possibilities, it has a clipboard included and it even allows you to cross Emojis to obtain new emoticons, which is known as “Emoji Kitchen”. Google has successfully evolved its Gboard, it has roots so deep that its settings are also found in the android settings itself. And it is not very easy to locate them.

Gboard gives access to settings in several ways

Google Keyboard Alternatives

The usual thing in any application is that it offers the different ways to configure it when accessing it from the icon. But no, Gboard doesn’t behave this way since, by default, you won’t see a shortcut to the appeven if your Android starts with this keyboard already installed.

The Google keyboard hides a lot of settings that are worth knowing. You can find them in various ways, choose the one that is most practical for you.

From the keyboard itself

Google Keyboard Settings

Gboard offers the configuration under a cogwheel on the keyboard itself. Although of course, to access this icon you have to look for a writing box, click on it and wait for Gboard to appear. It’s only a few seconds and just four or five steps, but it’s definitely not the most intuitive thing in the world. Still, it’s an efficient access to your settings.

Inside Android Settings

Google Keyboard Settings

All phones that come with the Google keyboard preinstalled hide their settings in android language settings. To access this configuration you must perform the following steps:

  • Open your mobile settings.
  • Locate system options.
  • Go to “Languages ​​and text input”. As usual on Android, the actual text may vary.
  • Look for the “On-Screen Keyboard” option and enter the menu.
  • Click on Gboard and you will access the settings.
  • Alternatively, you can type Gboard in the settings search engine, the box that appears just above the whole. You will save yourself the manual steps.

The trick: activate a shortcut

We said before that Gboard usually does not have an icon on the phone with which to access its settings. And this is not quite so: the Google keyboard hides this icon, but it can be activated. Proceed as follows.

  • Access Gboard settings with either of the two methods above.
  • Go to “Advanced Settings”.
  • Check the “Show app icon” setting.
Google Keyboard Settings

Once you activate the shortcut you will have the icon accessible in the app drawer (or directly on the desk if you don’t use a drawer). In this way you will be able to configure the Google keyboard without having to open an app where you can write: it is very practical.