Free series and movies on Tivify: the DTT platform adds seven thematic channels free of charge

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The streaming platform Run:Time distributes its streaming content in Spanish territory under its own application for Android TV and the web. After listing some of its channels on services like Pluto TV, Run:Time lands on Tivify with all its artillery. Which is a lot: according to Run:Time itself, the platform currently has more than 5,000 licensed titles for global distribution.

With the inclusion of the seven channels of Run:Time, Tivify expands its catalog of broadcasts with more fictional content. Specifically, the broadcasts are divided into seven thematic channels:

  • Run:Time Action.
  • Run:Time Comedy.
  • Run: Time Thriller.
  • Run: Time Terror.
  • Run: Time Crime.
  • Run: Time Romance.
  • Run:Time Classics.

The new broadcasts are now available to all Tivify users, whether they have a paid account (Plus and Premium) or a free one (Free). The new channels stream around the clock, allow playback to be paused, skip to start, and not much else: Run:Time does not let you record the broadcasts to access them at another time, also does not have access to the last seven days issued. And they have ads, even for paid accounts.

If you have not yet subscribed to Tivify, you can create an account on the service page. Nowadays, Tivify offers more than 140 free channels, 11 premium channels and advanced services; such as the recording of content and access to the last seven days of broadcast (not on all channels).