Free DTT channels reach Huawei mobiles thanks to Tivify: now available in the App Gallery

free dtt channels reach huawei mobiles thanks to tivify now.jpg
free dtt channels reach huawei mobiles thanks to tivify now.jpg

One of the best apps to watch TV on mobile phones, and for free, lands in the App Gallery, the Huawei mobile store. With Tivify your users have the majority of DTT channels; with live streaming, pause, record and much more.

The owners of a Huawei mobile witnessed a large cut in the benefits of new mobiles: the US veto continues to weigh on devices, especially in the field of software. Although the company is making every effort to reverse the situation: the AppGallery store grows in catalog every day. The arrival of Tivify is great news.

Tivify now available in the Huawei app store

Tivify Huawei Appgallery

The incorporation of the famous app to watch TV notably improves the multimedia playback options on compatible mobiles; not in vain Tivify offers tons of entertainment at zero euros: the platform includes DTT at no cost. Not only that, Tivify adds many other channels, some Premium (which are only available under a monthly subscription).

The arrival of Tivify to the AppGallery brings DTT channels to Huawei devices; such as the Huawei Vision S smart screen, also to mobile phones. However, not all phones are compatible with Tivify yet as the app is not based on HMS yet, Huawei’s mobile services. The company assures that this problem will be solved in the future.

Tivify offers access to DTT channels, both general and regional and even local. In addition, it offers international broadcasts, thematic channels and certain Premium channels, these under a paid subscription. Although you don’t need to pay a penny to use Tivify: the platform has a free account with most of the services included, also the recording of programs or the last seven days broadcast with streaming on demand (the free account only admits regional channels and those of RTVE).

Tivify Huawei Appgallery

The AppGallery already includes the download of the application, although in a still limited way. If you want to download it to your Huawei, you can search for it in the store itself or download it by clicking on this link. Remember: It will probably not appear available if you do not have Google services (for now).