Four ways to easily share your WiFi password from Android

four ways to easily share your wifi password from android.jpg
four ways to easily share your wifi password from android.jpg

When we have guests in our house it is very common for them to ask us for the wifi key, especially if they are going to spend several days staying. If we have the router hidden and we don’t know the password of our network by heart, our Android device becomes our best ally.

Android devices offer us different ways to share our WiFi keypreventing our friends and family from having to write the password by hand, as we will see below.

Share Wi-Fi with a QR code

The most common way we find now is to create a QR code of your Wi-Fi network, and this for most devices updated to the latest versions of Android we can do it from the system settings.

Wi-Fi Sharing QR

In Settings > Network and Internet or similar, within the section on Internet to see our Wi-Fi networks we just have to tap on the network name to access your options. In some mobiles you can directly show the QR code and in others you will have to click on Share to see the QR of our Wi-Fi network.

Here only our guests will have to read the QR code from their mobiles to be able to connect to the WiFi network, although we can also take a screenshot to the QR code and share it by message to our contacts so that they open said capture with Google Lenswhich will also allow them to connect to the Wi-Fi network easily.

Lens Qr Wifi

Share Wi-Fi with Nearby

Wi-Fi Sharing Nearby

The latest versions of Android also allow us to share the password of our Wi-Fi network with Nearby, whose direct access usually appears below the QR code as in the Google Pixel. After clicking on this option, the nearby mobiles will begin to appear, after selecting the contacts and confirming the link, they will connect to our WiFi network.

Copy Wi-Fi key

Copy Wifi Key

As of Android 12, Google also allows copy Wi-Fi key. When we click on the option Wi-Fi Sharingin addition to showing the QR code and the Nearby Share option as well shows us the Wi-Fi keywhich we can select with a long press. Once selected we can copy and share the key by message to our contacts.

Write an NFC tag

Finally, we can also write an NFC tag with our home Wi-Fi network and stick it to the router or accessible site so that our guests only have to bring their mobiles close to the tag to connect to our Wi-Fi. A pack of ten labels usually costs less than 2 euros in import stores.

Sharing Wi-Fi NFC

For this we can use the NFC Tools application. in the tab Writewe click on Add a recordwe select WiFi network and we fill in the authentication data, SSID name of our WiFi network and the password. Once all the data has been filled in, click on validate and then on Write. We bring the mobile closer to the NFC tag to write the information and that’s it. When we bring the mobile closer to the NFC tag, it will ask us if we want to connect to said WiFi.

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