Fortnite returns to iPhone and iPad next week thanks to Geforce Now streaming

fortnite returns to iphone and ipad next week thanks to.jpg
fortnite returns to iphone and ipad next week thanks to.jpg

There was a time when Fortnite was on the Apple App Store like any other game, but everything changed after Epic included its own payment system, breaking Apple’s rules. The game was removed from the App Store and since then there has been no way to play Fortnite on iPhone without resorting to tricks.

The latter is still a fix, but somewhat more polished than the previous ones. Nvidia has announced official support for Fortnite on Geforce Now, first as a closed beta and starting next week. With him, it will be possible play Fortnite on an iPhone or iPad by streaming and with controls adapted for mobiles.

Fortnite on iPhone by streaming

Fortnite was removed from Google Play and the App Store in August 2020, which did not affect those who play it on an Android mobile or tablet too much. Fortnite can continue to be downloaded and installed on Android without problems through its website or the Samsung Galaxy Store. In iOS there is no option: Even if you have Jailbreak, it is not possible.

The only way to play Fortnite on an iPhone or iPad is still via streamingAlthough on Geforce Now, Nvidia’s streaming service, Fortnite is excluded from games compatible with iPhone or iPad. With a special browser it was possible to make it work -sometimes- although it was necessary to use a remote for the controls.

Geforce Now will add support for Fortnite for mobile as beta and with touch controls. Signing up for the beta does not require a paid Geforce Now subscription

This changes with the official Fortnite mobile support from Geforce Now just announced by Nvidia. It will start next week in beta form, and you can show your interest in the beta by registering here. The good news is that you don’t need a paid Geforce Now subscription to participate.

This official support will arrive with support for touch controls in Fortnite on mobile, which are optional, of course. The recommended option is still that you use a gamepad, although if you do not have one on hand, you can also use overlapping controls on the screen.

On iPhone and iPad, Geforce Now works through Safari, as Apple would force Nvidia to publish each available game separately in the App Store, according to the rules of the store. On Android, Geforce Now is available as an app, and it will also receive support for Fortnite via streaming as a beta, although in this system it makes less sense, since the mobile version can be installed directly.

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