‘Football Star Manager’ is a direct hit on gamer nostalgia: the 1982 Spectrum classic is on iPhone and Android

football star manager is a direct hit on gamer nostalgia.png
football star manager is a direct hit on gamer nostalgia.png

With ‘Football Star Manager’, or ‘Football * Manager’, as its own creator calls it, perhaps we are facing one of the oldest games that is still in circulation. Not in vain, the original was created in 1982It has been in the sun for 39 full laps, and recently its designer decided it was time to breathe new life into it. How? Keeping an eye on the mobile ecosystem.

Thus, Kevin Toms, who signs the game with his name in all digital app stores so that there is no doubt which is the original game, decided port your ‘Football Star Manager’ to both iOS and Android. Although we can also find it for Kindle Fire tablets, for Windows 10 or for MacOS. Without a doubt, a return to nostalgia that maintains the retro component that became so fashionable not too long ago.

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A classic soccer manager for iOS and Android

Football Manager

Simply called ‘Football Manager’ in 1982, the title has come to life under the name of ‘Football Star Manager’ and has set foot on almost every field available. That means we have it on personal computers, from Windows to Macintosh, but also in the land of mobiles such as iPhone and Android. And yes, it is also for the Kindle Fire tablets through the Amazon App Store.

The game retains the management component that made it popular in its day, equating itself to titles such as the ‘Championship Manager’ or the ‘PC Soccer’ that would triumph in our country. But ‘Football Star Manager’ has something going for it, and that is that it simplifies the concepts to make the game more accessible. Here we do not have the feeling of playing a game that is actually a graphic layer on an Excel table, here things are simpler.

Football Star Manager

Our role in ‘Football Star Manager’ will be to make the decisions that will make our team advance through their competition. We will have to choose the starting eleven based on the different numerical values ​​of each player (from ability to physical condition or age), and also we will have to go making the team with the additions and lows of the squad. And if we run out of money, we can always apply for a loan to fill our coffers. But be careful, because we will have to return it.

With the victories, the team will increase in morale and the opposite will happen with the defeats, to the point that we can lose control of the dressing room during the bad spells. A useful tool in this regard will be the artificial morale boost, we can do it twice in each season and the best time to make this decision will depend on us. To be sure, we will not be able to play the games but we will be able to watch them in different modalities. We can see them with text, complete, summarized, etc. And the graphics … well, they are the graphics of a 1982 game.


If you are looking for a quiet management game that does not overload your mobile phone with intense graphics and that allows you to enjoy long hours of play, ‘Football Star Manager’ must be among the chosen ones. The game has a cost of 5.49 euros on Android and 4.99 euros on iOS. And unfortunately, it is only in English although it does not require a high level to be able to carry it out.

Kevin Toms Football * Manager

Kevin Toms Football * Manager

  • Price: 5.49 on Android, 4.99 on iOS
  • Developer: Kevin Toms
  • Download it at: Android
  • Download it at: ios
  • Download it at: Kindle Fire
  • Download it at: Windows 10
  • Download it at: MacOS