Five shortcuts in iOS to be able to take better advantage of the gallery and the photos of your iPhone

five shortcuts in ios to be able to take better.jpeg
five shortcuts in ios to be able to take better.jpeg

The iOS library is not particularly notable for offering a large number of options. However, thanks to the Shortcuts we can gain new ways to make better use of our photos. From creating collages to changing the format or deleting duplicate photos … and all within the reach of a click of the screen.

Thanks to the Shortcuts we can combine applications and functions to perform different tasks. We have seen it when it comes to getting access to the COVID Certificate and now we will see how to make better use of the content of the photo library of our iPhone.

Shortcuts for almost everything

The process of creating a shortcut is more or less complicated depending on the number of actions you have to perform. From more complex models to simpler ones, but in this case and to save you work we are going to give you facts so you just have to add them.

Duplicate Photo Eraser


Surely if you start exploring you will find duplicate photos on your iPhone. This shortcut saves you time locating these files. Allows you to delete duplicate photos to save a little space. Of course, it only works for duplicate photos and not for photos that are similar.

Photo collage


A really striking function that can be achieved with this shortcut is the one that allows to generate a collage with the photos that we select in the gallery. Without having to use third-party applications, we can achieve a curious combination of images that we can then share without problem.

Change the image format


For those who want to change the image format without having to go into the settings and opt for more compact images in HEIF format or the most compatible ones in JPEG format, this shortcut comes. We can choose the image format among all these: HEIF, JPG, PDF, PNG, GIF, TIFF or compress it. The result can be saved to the reel or shared.

Delete the last photo from the roll


We can delete the photos we want by entering the reel and this shortcut focuses on the last one that we have taken and that we do not want. We do the same but with just one click and before deleting it, the shortcut will show us a preview of it so as not to delete it by mistake.

Convert a photo to GIF


Although in the App Store and on different websites we can achieve the same, with this shortcut we can combine different images to create an animated GIF. We just have to choose the ones we want to combine and we will have an image in animated format to share or save.