Five navigation applications with free radar warnings and compatible with Android Auto

five navigation applications with free radar warnings and compatible with.webp.webp.webp
five navigation applications with free radar warnings and compatible with.webp.webp.webp

Beyond helping us reach our destination by optimizing the route, some navigation applications have an ace up their sleeve for those who like to step on the accelerator: the speed camera warning. If you want to have this function on the console of your car, two premises must be met: that the navigation application in question has a speed camera warning and that it is compatible with Android Auto, after all, Android Auto does not allow to be a projection of the phone. With that said, let’s review the main applications with detection of legal speed cameras that you can use with Android Auto.

google maps

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If you don’t want to complicate installing more applications (because it comes by default on your Android phone), Google Maps shows the fixed speed cameras reported by the DGTamong many other functions offered by the navigation app of the big G. In this tutorial we explain how to configure them on your mobile so that, consequently, they are seen on the console of your car.

  • Download Google Maps for free on the Google Play Store.


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But Maps is not the only Google application: a decade ago it acquired Waze, one of its main competitors in navigation due to its careful interface and updated information, however it allows those who use the application warn of milestones on the road, such as speed cameras and the presence of the police. In this sense, if radars are the priority for you, Waze is a more complete alternative.

  • Download Waze for free on the Google Play Store.

TomTom Friend

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If you bet on a classic and highly experienced navigation service like TomTom, the AmiGo version is free and its nice and clear interface shows both fixed and mobile speed cameras. What makes it different from the subscription-based TomTom Go Navigation app? Mainly that the second one works offline.

  • Download TomTom AmiGO for free on the Google Play Store


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One of the last to arrive at Android Auto, but judging by everything it offers, the wait has been worth it. To highlight, the possibility of downloading maps to use it without connection without cost. As you can see on these lines, shows speed camera alertsboth in the application and in Android Auto, although the icon is not visually the most striking.

  • Download Here WE Go for free on the Google Play Store.


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Compatible for Android Auto for a couple of years, unlike the standard version that uses TomTom maps, the free version of Navigator uses OpenStreetMap cartography. Download the maps you need by country and region, with voice function, points of interest and also Warning before proximity to speed control radars.

  • Download Navigator for free on the Google Play Store.

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