Five little-known features recently added by Google Maps

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small details that are not so well knowneither because they are somewhat hidden or have been recently added.

In this post we look back to remember some of the latest features that Google Maps has added in recent months and that not everyone knows. In addition, we also review some others that, despite not being so recent, have not been widely publicized either.

Choose the most ecological route and save on gasoline

Although this functionality was announced a year and a half ago, the truth is that the ecological routes of Google Maps have arrived in Spain this very week. It is so recent that its staggered implementation means that some have not yet received it (it will be available in the next few days).

And what does it consist of? Well, basically, when we establish a route, Google Maps will highlight us which is the route that will make us spend less fuel. In this way, in addition to helping the environment by reducing our emissions, we can also save a good deal of money on gasoline/diesel.

It should be said that this route is not always the fastest and that not all routes have routes that can be considered ecological as such. However, yes in a majority of cases and more so if adapt the preferences of our vehicle in section route optionsin which we can configure if we have a diesel, gasoline, electric or hybrid vehicle.

To do this, simply access Street View normally and when it opens, press where it says See more dates at the bottom of the screen. Thus, this function will allow you to see all the indications more quickly

If there is something that is appreciated about Google Maps, it is its indications so as not to get lost on our journeys. In this regard there is a little known gesture to see the indications in a simpler way than displaying the thickness of the

The key is in the indication that appears above in green. You just have to slide this indication to the left with your finger and all future indications will be shown. A very useful function when you want to memorize part of the indications.

It is becoming more suitable for cyclists


If you’re used to getting around by bike, you’ll know that suitable routes have been shown for years on Google Maps routes. However, in the latest updates improvements have been added for cyclists that make it even more interesting when riding. offer more data and details on your way.

Among them stands out power see hills, stairs, or traffic what’s on the way. Similarly, improvements have been added that prioritize roads and lanes dedicated to bicycles, so that you can not only reach your destination sooner, but also do so safely.

Fly over cities without leaving home

Google Maps 3d 02

We leave one of the best recent features of Google Maps for last. Known as immersive view or aerial view, it allows just that, being able to visit cities from the air as if we were

It is not available in all cities and in fact its deployment is being progressive, but it is undoubtedly one of the most attractive features that the platform has released. Offers 360º view of buildings and landscapes mixing real images taken by satellite or ground with others generated by artificial intelligence.