Firefox for Android updates with password autocomplete

firefox for android updates with password autocomplete.jpg
firefox for android updates with password autocomplete.jpg

One of the best browsers that we can find in the Android territory, and also in mobile phones in general and in the world of personal computers, it has just been updated with an interesting improvement. Firefox is beginning to receive a very practical function that it should have had for a long time but, for some reason that escapes us, it was not available: password autocompletion.

As with other password managers incorporated into the browser, the one in Firefox will allow us not having to remember the password entered on each website in which we log in or in which we register. Something that will allow us, for example, not to have to use the same password for several services, with the security risk that this entails.

Passwords stored in a safe and synchronized place

As we said, Firefox on Android is incorporating native password management with its associated autocomplete function, and it also comes with a very practical synchronization service that It will allow us to use passwords recorded from the computer from the mobile phone and vice versa. Now the passwords will be saved in an encrypted form in our user account and we will only need to log in with our account to have them all at our disposal.

As with other browsers, Firefox for Android will now offer us to save the passwords entered in the browser itself, either when we enter a password to log in to a service or web or when we are creating it. The passwords can be managed from the password manager from the browser itself.

Mozilla says that the new Firefox feature will begin to spread to Android mobile devices thanks to version 93 of the application, a version that will be released tomorrow, October 5. It will be enough to update the app once Google Play indicates that it is available to start using this native browser password autocompleter.

Firefox: the fast and private web browser

Firefox: the fast and private web browser

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