Finally, GoodNotes comes to Android: one of the best note apps out there launches its first beta

finally goodnotes comes to android one of the best note.webp.webp.webp
finally goodnotes comes to android one of the best note.webp.webp.webp

That GoodNotes is one of the best apps to take notes on a tablet is a reality. Proof of this is that, even though it is already a veteran, it was one of the best apps for iPad in 2022. The problem is precisely that until now it had not left the Apple ecosystem. On Android, we didn’t even smell it.

Now, with the permission of the alternatives to GoodNotes on Android, the original app comes to Google’s operating system. Or rather, it will arrive, since it is currently in beta. However, we will tell you how you can sign up and try it now.

By hand or with a stylus: this is how you can try GoodNotes now

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One of the most widespread uses of a tablet is to use it as a digital agenda. In fact, installing a notes app is often one of the first steps when setting up a new tablet. And although GoodNotes is not stable at the moment, yes we can sign up for a beta version and test with it.

Yes indeed, the beta only works on samsung tablets at the moment, specifically in those of 8 inches or more and that offer a minimum configuration of 3 GB of RAM. We intuit that at some point the ban will be opened and it will also be available on tablets from other manufacturers, even if it is maintaining that minimum of RAM.

If you have a Samsung tablet with those requirements, you have two options to test the beta. The first is to download the APK from APKMirror and the other is to sign up for the Google Play beta program.

It should be said that the reviews are not being too good. At the moment this seems to be a PWA that lacks optimization. In fact, its operation with Samsung’s S Pen doesn’t seem to be as precise as it does with the Apple Pencil in the iPad app. Not in a general way at least.

However, and in order not to forget that we are talking about a beta, It is expected to continue to improve in the coming weeks.. We don’t know to what extent we will find notable differences between this version and that of the iPad, but surely the developers will try to polish the experience as much as possible.

Will it also be paid on Android?

If we look at GoodNotes on iOS and iPadOS, we can see that its latest version, GoodNotes 5, offers a free download. Of course, to access all of its functions requires a subscription. For now No information has been disclosed about the cost on Android. If it has.

The potential of this application and seeing its history in the Apple ecosystem makes us think that it will end up offering similar payment methods. However, for the moment it is pure hypothesis. The only certainty so far is that the beta is free.

About when will it be officially released for all users, we also have no certainties. It is understood that once the tests are started by Android users it should not take long, but they have not set a deadline either, so we will continue to await new information in this regard.

Via | Android Police