FIFA also joins football for free via streaming: FIFA Plus arrives with historical and live matches

fifa also joins football for free via streaming fifa plus.jpg
fifa also joins football for free via streaming fifa plus.jpg

Streaming has been swallowing everything, from the cinema to the most traditional television in the form of DTT for a few years. The platforms do not stop appearing and growing and sport has an important place among them. Proof of this is that our LaLiga has already inaugurated LaLigaSportsTV Plus and LaLiga PASS and that now FIFA itself is also getting on the bandwagon.

He does it with FIFA Plus, a new service that invites us to watch hundreds of football matches every month, completely online and completely free. And it also lands accompanied by apps for iOS and Android, for those who prefer to have FIFA Plus installed instead of using the browser on their mobile phone.

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Free football galore and completely legal


Imagine having hundreds of international matches recorded from many years in the past and being able to watch them whenever you want and without paying an extra euro beyond the data you consume. That’s FIFA Plus, a huge file where we can see, for example, almost all past World Championship finals.

FIFA organizes its new FIFA Plus in different categories that cover almost all of its competitions. We will be able to watch matches from both the men’s and women’s World Cups, the world cups for the youngest (such as the under-20s or the under-17s) and even the famous Club World Cup to which Spanish teams regularly attend.

But beware, because not only do we have classic football as such, but also also futsal or beach soccer. An entire archive of classic matches that also includes the possibility of watching live football matches that are being played at the moment. And as if that weren’t enough, we also have sections for iconic players or videos with highlights from different eras and competitions.

And every month we will see live football for free, all in one place, in FIFA Plus. The new FIFA platform is available both through the web and in the app stores for iOS and Android. The user experience is quite good. We leave you the links just below.

FIFA+ |  Pure football

FIFA+ | Pure football