Facebook wants to “tiktokize” even more: a leaked document predicts the biggest change in the history of the social network

facebook wants to tiktokize even more a leaked document predicts.jpg
facebook wants to tiktokize even more a leaked document predicts.jpg

Not even the latest news from Reels on Instagram has helped Meta to reduce the gap that separates it in popularity with TikTok. And it is that not even the commitment to the Metaverse seems to be working for the company led by Mark Zuckerberg. Given this situation, it seems that they will bet on big changes in their parent application: Facebook.

A recent report by The Verge points to important developments in the mother of social networks, with a complete change of interface and algorithms that would be aimed at competing with TikTok, even leaving apps like Facebook Messenger on the way (although it would not disappear as such).

Even more prominence for Reels on Facebook

As we said before, The Verge has been the medium that, having access to an internal document and having been able to speak with a Meta executive, has revealed the future plans for the Facebook app. And it is that, with the Reels already fully established on Instagram and being able to also share on Facebook, it seems that now they want to take them even further.

In its desire to recover the young public and always according to the aforementioned medium, the Facebook mobile app will implement changes in its interface that, despite continuing to show tabbed browsing, would add new areas. Thus, as soon as we open the application we would find the main Facebook panel with a mix of reels and stories in which we would not only find content from people we follow.

Precisely in the latter we find the key to everything and that reveals the fierce competition that Facebook wants to show with TikTok. And it is that according to The Verge, the application will change its algorithm to show recommended content regardless of whether we follow those creators or not, therefore having a function very similar to that of TikTok and that allows us to discover new content based on our preferences.

New interface starring Reels, with a feed that will be a mix of Facebook and Instagram and with Messenger already integrated.

In another tab, to which we would have to slide manually, we would find a mix of classic style publications with those of Instagram. That is to say, what until now has been the main panel of Facebook, would now be separated in another tab and would not maintain its essence one hundred percent, also drinking from the functions that its sister Instagram has.


Facebook Messenger would no longer be an independent app to be integrated into the main Facebook app.

Highlights come with disappearance of the Facebook Messenger app, which we will no longer have to download from Google Play or the App Store, since it will not be independent and will be part of the parent app. A piece of news that, although it can be taken in a different way depending on the use made by each one, seems to make more sense as it is directly linked to Facebook.

In short, Facebook would be a kind of TikTok with these changes. That There has not yet been an official communication from Meta in this regard and that there are not even images of these changes makes it very difficult to predict if this change would serve to meet the company’s expectations. Therefore, we will have to wait until they finally officially confirm this information and the changes begin to take place.

Source | TheVerge