Facebook Messenger will be safer than ever: end-to-end encrypted calls and backups already in testing

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Facebook Messenger will be more secure than ever

Unlike the most popular app on the market, WhatsApp which is also owned by Facebook, Messenger does have cloud storage. We log in from the device we want and our message history is always there, waiting for us. And next to it, photographs, videos, files and everything that we have attached to our conversations.

To protect all this storage, Messenger is already testing a further step in user security. We talk about end-to-end encryption for backups that allow us to recover our entire message archive when we change phones. Encrypting this copy end-to-end would allow the transfer between the server and the phone to be completely shielded.


Protecting chats with a PIN and end-to-end encryption

This security improvement will come hand in hand with what Messenger calls ‘secure storage’. We will be able to create a safe with our end-to-end encrypted conversations so that only we can access and recover them. This safe can be protected with a PIN or by generating a recovery code that we must keep in a safe place.

As part of its integration with third party services, Messenger will be able to create secret keys to upload our chats to iCloud or Google Drive. Currently the process is already carried out but it will also be encrypted from end to end, raising the security level to the maximum so that our information cannot be intervened.

Encrypted calls

In addition to this secure storage, Facebook is also trying to port some of its features to other parts of the system. For example, bringing end-to-end encryption to replies to stories, allowing us to unsend messages, or add encrypted calls to Messenger. It will also be possible to disable the automatic deletion of messages in private chats, and for Instagram it is planned to add more functions such as group chats. For now, Facebook has not given a specific date for the landing of any of these improvements.

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