Facebook Messenger takes a big step towards being a secure messaging app. He only had to look at WhatsApp

facebook messenger takes a big step towards being a secure.webp.webp.webp
facebook messenger takes a big step towards being a secure.webp.webp.webp

There are many messaging applications that we can access. And while it is true that WhatsApp seems the most widespread globally, we cannot ob

We have learned all this thanks to an announcement by Mark Zuckerberg himself on Facebook. However, it seems that It will not be the only great novelty that Messenger will bring in these coming weeks, since other functionalities have been announced as well. We review all of them below.

End-to-end encryption, now also in Messenger

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The fact is that, much like WhatsApp, the messaging application integrated into Facebook will add an encryption that will prevent access to the chats to people outside the same. not even his own Facebook Meta will be able to access them.

And we speak in future times because, although it is something already announced and that is beginning to expand, it is not available to everyone at this time. As the Meta itself announces, this is a function that will expand “gradually”Therefore, in the coming weeks it is expected that all Facebook Messenger users will begin to have end-to-end encryption in their chats, which will be known by the indicator that will appear in the chats.

Other news that Facebook Messenger will receive soon

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A visual preview of what’s new in Facebook Messenger (Image: Meta)

We already told you at the beginning that end-to-end encryption, despite being the highlight, was not the only novelty announced for the Facebook messaging application. have also been confirmed other visual changes that will allow you to have a much more personalized user experience.

  • chat topics that allow you to change the background and colors of the interface.
  • Emojis and custom reactions within the chats, especially oriented to quick responses so as not to have to search for the emoji if it is used recurrently.
  • group profile photos that will make it possible to better distinguish group chats that are held with other people.
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