Facebook Messenger announces chat communities: this is how they work

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Facebook Messenger communities will be a bit like WhatsApp: chat groups with a common theme and accessible from your application. It’s kind of a takeaway version of Facebook groups, but focused on chats.

Communities on Facebook Messenger

Mark Zuckerberg has announced the imminent arrival of chat communities on Facebook Messenger. It’s a way that users in a group communicate in an organized way and, in theory, focused on a single theme. Facebook Messenger already allows you to talk to groups of people in a basic way, but chat communities are going to go one step further.

Messenger chat communities will allow users in a group interact in real time, through chat, audio and video, instead of doing it in the biography, through comments. Now Meta has decided to bring this type of communication to Messenger and more independently of the main Facebook application.

To create

In a way, Messenger communities are going to work in a similar way to how Discord, Slack, or if we go even further back, a lifelong forum does. A Facebook group can create a community that encompasses different chats, with different but related themes. For example, one neighborhood group might create chats for news, another for activity suggestions, and another for party planning. Each functions as an individual group chat.

We will have for them various types of chats including event chats, read-only chats -where only administrators can write- or the chat channels to which it is also possible to include video if you wish. Community administrators can configure these chats and their privacy at will.


When Messenger communities are live, we’ll be able to create a community together with a group from the application itself, to then invite the members you want to be part of it. Then it’s time to add the thematic chats that belong to said community, and that work just like any other Messenger chat group.

All this comes with advanced moderation options, with which we can, for example, suspend certain accounts automatically as soon as certain criteria are met. Facebook has announced that it has now begun to test these communities, so there is no specific date for it to reach our mobiles. When it arrives we will know, because the interface will change to accommodate them.

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