Facebook is rotten: the app is filled with spam and irrelevant posts, but there is a solution

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a string of posts from strangers spamming public pages.

Someone in Meta has pressed the wrong button and as a result the Facebook app has turned into a meaningless jumble of stranger posts, memes and spam. Lots and lots of spam. Fortunately, There is a way to return to normal, even if it is temporarily.

Crazy Facebook Wednesday

Facebook’s algorithm shows us a bit of what it wants, but what’s going on with Facebook today is a bit much. Instead of seeing posts from your friends and Pages you follow, the app is prioritizing third-party posts on public pages. In practice, this has turned Facebook into a mixture of memes, spam and lots of noise.

Facebook has gone crazy this Wednesday and what is normally a relatively boring app has turned into a frenzy of pointless posts that make it impossible for you to follow what you normally check on Facebook. It seems to be an error in the Facebook algorithm, since it affects both the application and the web version.


This post selection madness is visible in the standard timeline viewbut the good news is that you can tame your Facebook to see posts the same as before, not including everything random people post on pages with millions of users, like Taylor Swift’s page.

There are two possible reactions to this situation. There will be those who laugh at the nonsense that Facebook has become and there will be those who want to leave Facebook as it was. You can bring sanity back to Facebook clicking on the news buttonin the top bar of the application (if you don’t see that button, you will find the news section in the sidebar ☰).


The Facebook news section shows you the latest posts from the pages and people you follow in chronological order And with the added bonus that you won’t see all the spam that Facebook has become today.

For now, this will serve as a patch until someone in Meta hits the right button again to get Facebook back to normal. In the meantime, enjoy the madness or be patient with it, depending on where you stand.