Escaping from WhatsApp groups is complicated: new button in tests to create them

escaping from whatsapp groups is complicated new button in tests.jpg
escaping from whatsapp groups is complicated new button in tests.jpg
WhatsApp is incorporating small-scale news into its mobile applications with the idea of ​​promoting its use among groups of people. Last week officially confirmed the arrival of the communities. And recently included in the betas a way to make it easy to create groups: from the contact information that each user has. We have tested it.

Receiving an invitation to a WhatsApp group has two aspects: on the one hand, it is always appreciated that another person thinks of us; on the other hand, there are groups that end up drifting into a constant and meaningless conversation. Faced with this duality, there are those who prefer to leave as soon as they receive the invitation, others prevent them from being incorporated into group conversations. For the rest, the new WhatsApp can come in handy.

“Create a group with…”, the new WhatsApp beta option

Whatsapp Groups Contact

Left, WhatsApp beta for Android; right, WhatsApp beta for iPhone

As is often the case with the mobile development of the popular messaging application, this innovation that we are talking about is not accessible to all users since, initially, it only appears on those phones that have the beta installed, both Android and iPhone. Also, it doesn’t appear to all users: As WaBetaInfo confirms, direct group creation is only available for some beta apps.

The idea of ​​WhatsApp is that anyone can create new groups just by accessing the contact’s description (at the top of the chat, where the name of said contact appears). However, there is a requirement: there must be at least one group in common.

To create groups from the new option inserted in the contact profile, the following steps must be carried out:

  • Access the chat with any user and click on their name to display the profile information.
  • Scroll down to the “Common Groups” menu.
  • WhatsApp will list the groups that you both have in common those in which you currently participate.
  • To quickly create a group with that contact, click on the new “Create group with…” button.
  • WhatsApp will give you the option to add more participants to the group. Include the ones you want and click on the green arrow below.
  • Describe the subject of the group, add a reference image and finish the configuration with the button below.

The new beta option does not imply an excessive advance in the way of creating new WhatsApp groups, it does add more information to the contacts in order to deepen what we have in common. Yes indeed, At the moment it is not active for everyone: WhatsApp will surely add it to the stable version once I finish testing it.