Emergency messages on Samsung mobiles with One UI, this is how they are configured

emergency messages on samsung mobiles with one ui this is.jpg
emergency messages on samsung mobiles with one ui this is.jpg

We are going to teach you how to thoroughly configure emergency messages on your Samsung mobile. This is quite an important function that should always be taken into account, since can save us in extreme cases.

In the case of Samsung, emergency messages have extra functions, so we are going to show you where this function is and how to configure it.

Configure emergency messages on a Samsung mobile

The first thing we have to know is that emergency messages in Samsung are configured from the settings themselves. You do not need to fill out Google information or download third-party applications. The path where you can find these emergency functions is as follows:

You're Samsung
  • Open your Samsung settings
  • Go to ‘Advanced Features’
  • Activate ‘In

    The next thing it will ask us is add a recipient stop in

    Screenshot 20210505 091939 Send Sos Messages

    The first section is the function button. This is the button to turn on the phone and we can configure that it has to be pressed 3 or 4 times to activate the emergency mode. By default, Samsung allows us to make an automatic call to our contact, so we do not have to configure this point.

    Screenshot 20210505 091953 Send Sos Messages

    Two very interesting functions that should be activated are those of attach images and attach audio recording. Through the first option, the phone can in