Eliminate pop-up ads and other annoying notifications with this simple application: that’s Disable Notification Popups

eliminate pop up ads and other annoying notifications with this simple.webp.webp.webp
eliminate pop up ads and other annoying notifications with this simple.webp.webp.webp

Notifications are one of the strengths of Android, Google’s mobile operating system. They have been improving with the steady progress of Android versions and show us important notices about our apps. WhatsApp group message, notification. News in a Telegram channel, notification. And so on.

Sometimes they can be very annoying, especially if we consider how intrusive some of them are. Either because we have accepted website notifications or simply because we don’t like them, there is an application that erases all pop-up notifications from the map. This is Disable Notification Popups and that’s how it works.

One app to rule them all (popup notifications)

If we activate the do not disturb mode on Android, we will not receive notifications. We won’t see the pop-ups, but we won’t be able to see what notifications have entered our phone from the status bar either. That is why temporarily do not disturb mode can be a solution.

However, we run the risk of forget that we have activated this mode, and in this way we could miss something important. Luckily, there are some very interesting applications that allow us to customize this section of the system.

One of these is Disable Notification Popups, a simple and free application in your download that allows you to delve into the adjustment of notifications. As soon as you open it, it will ask us for a series of permissions (not harmful) to enable its proper functioning.

Disable Notification Popups App

Then, through a clean interface in the style of Material You, it guides us through its possibilities. Mainly, the app has two useful sectionssince the rest are accesses to other works of the developer, to the evaluation of the app, and so on.

As a summary, in the section General can activate or deactivate the function of this app, or turn off all pop-up notifications. Although this last function is exclusive for paid users.

Disable Notification Popups

Two examples of the depth that Disable Notification Popups offers. We can selectively remove notifications from an app.

But the section that really matters is that of apps. Upon entering, we will see a list with all installed applications on our device and that emit pop-up notifications. Next to them, we have a simple switch that activates (or deactivates) the notifications of the app in question.

As you can imagine, putting this app to work is as simple as tapping on these switches to disable notifications of annoying apps. It does not stay in this simple adjustment, and it is that Disable Notification Popups It allows us to be more selective: we can remove pop-up notifications without turning them off completely.

That is, if we want WhatsApp pop-up notifications to only appear when a known contact speaks to us, we can deactivate the rest so that unknown groups or contacts do not appear at the top of the screen of our Android. To do this, we just have to tap on the arrow that appears next to the switch of each app and choose which notifications we allow.

As we have mentioned before, this application is free and we can find it in Google Play Store. Of course, if we want to unlock all its extra functions we must pay a small price of 1.99 euros. The application is worth it if we are fed up with these annoying notifications.

Download Disable Notification Popups on the Google Play Store.

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