Editing WhatsApp messages will be possible: already in tests on WhatsApp Web

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1662997116 1366 2000.webp.webp

Editing messages on WhatsApp Web. Image from WaBetaInfo

It took WhatsApp many years to introduce the deletion of messages, a function that is essential in most conversations. So should the editing, things are not always said well at first (not to mention that misspelling that ends up driving you crazy with your screen presence). For this reason, it is appreciated that WhatsApp is at work; although, surely, late in being available.

As WaBetaInfo confirmed, WhatsApp continues with the idea of allow editing of messages within conversations. Currently, WhatsApp Web hides the button to edit messages in the code of the software. And without it still working, at the moment it is just an inactive element that enables the editing view.

It will be possible to edit any message by typing the replacement text after accessing the edit view. WaBetaInfo does not know if WhatsApp will maintain a time limit for editing messages, at the moment it does not exist (just as it happens with deletion, most likely only the most recent submissions can be edited). We also don’t know if there will be an editing history. Yes, a warning will appear as the message was edited.

It is surprising that WhatsApp has not yet included the possibility of editing messages, it is a function that should be basic in any messaging app. And while it arrives, there will be no choice but delete it on

Via | WaBetaInfo