EA cancels ‘Apex Legends Mobile’ and ‘Battlefield Mobile’, its two bets for the ‘Battle Royale’ for mobile

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ea cancels apex legends mobile and battlefield mobile its two.webp.webp.webp

Bad news for mobile FPS lovers: EA has announced the closure of ‘Apex Legends Mobile’ and ‘Battlefield Mobile’his two bets on the Battle Royale format for mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile launched last year after a long wait and a year later it will close its doors: His final goodbye will be next May 1. For its part, ‘Battlefield Mobile’ was still in development and was expected to be released this year. It won’t be like that.

Goodbye Apex Legends and Battlefield Mobile

a year has lasted Apex Legends Mobile, the adaptation for the “small” screen of the popular FPS. The mobile version was hard to come by, but its final release last year had, in the words of its creators, “a strong start.”

The problem is that this strong start was followed by a flow of content that “began to fall short in terms of quality, quantity and cadence”. As a consequence, real money purchases can no longer be made in the game, which will be removed from the app stores. At 1:00 a.m. on May 2 (Spanish time), the game will stop working and no refund will be made.

The same fate will befall Battlefield Mobile, whose development we met in 2021 and which, although it was expected to be launched this year, is finally not going to see the light. The company bases its decision on the evolution of the industry and the adaptation of its strategy to create a connected Battlefield ecosystem, which has led them to change direction to meet the expectations of the players and their vision of the franchise.

Both in the case of ‘Apex Legends Mobile’ and ‘Battlefield Mobile’, EA doesn’t fully close the door for potential future releases mobile, although with a more interconnected focus than the titles that have been cancelled. From Apex, he states that “they continue to be excited about mobile as a platform” and from ‘Battlefield Mobile’ they claim to be in “pre-production of the future of Battlefield experiences.”

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