DuckDuckGo has a spy tracker blocker in your browser for Android: here’s how you can activate it

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DuckDuckGo thus goes one step further with its browser, starting with the Android version. The ‘DuckDuckGo App Tracking Protection’ is integrated into your browser and takes care of blocking as many trackers as possible integrated into the system apps we use every day. The browser blocks yours, the tracker protector blocks others’. Quite an interesting ‘combo’.

The problem with this feature is that it now works as a kind of ‘white list’ of users that the company approves. a beta program for a functionality that appears in the settings but that, for now, only allows us to request access, not activate it. The way to request access is as follows, by the way:

  • We open the DuckDuckGo browser on our Android.
  • Click on the three vertical dots at the top right of the app.
  • We access ‘settings’.
  • We go down until we locate ‘Application Tracking Protection’ in the ‘More about DuckDuckGo’ section.
  • We go in and click on ‘Join the Private Waitlist’.
Join the waiting list on DuckDuckGo
  • to wait
Wait for DuckDuckGo to send us the code
  • Once we receive the invitation code, we will repeat the process again to click on ‘I have an invite code’ enter it and be able to activate the function.
  • The end.

ZDNet has already been able to test DuckDuckGo’s functionality and tracker protector has blocked up to 1,010 tracking attempts from 11 different apps in just 7 days. Undoubtedly, a great functionality for those who are concerned about their privacy on their mobile, whether browsing or using any other app. And while we’re at it, we recommend browsing on your mobile with DuckDuckGo. It is a first step.