DTT officially reaches the mobile thanks to 5G and without consuming data. At the moment, in tests

dtt officially reaches the mobile thanks to 5g and without.webp.webp.webp
dtt officially reaches the mobile thanks to 5g and without.webp.webp.webp

Being able to watch DTT channels on your mobile is not something new. There have been proposals for a long time to do it through applications or via the web. However, what we now know is a pilot program with which to receive direct broadcasts thanks to 5G. And with RTVE at the head of the project as far as Spain is concerned.

And it is that This seems to be the hopeless future of DTT if it wants to stay alive and implement improvements such as 4K resolution. Hence, with Cellnex Telecom, Rohde Schwarz, Ateme and Qualcomm they have launched this test known as 5G Broadcasting and that it will be available in the Fira de Barcelona area.

Barcelona and other international territories will host the tests

DVB and 5G Media Action Group signed an agreement a year ago with which they intend that DTT can be broadcast by streaming thanks to 5G connectivity through a standard known as DVB-I. Now, Cellnex, as a leader in infrastructures in our territory, has announced the pilot program with which three public television channels will start broadcasting by streaming.

That the place chosen for these tests was the Fira de Barcelona is not by chance, since the MWC 2023 (Mobile World Congress) will take place in this venue. The chosen channels, from RTVE as we mentioned previously, are La 1, Channel 24h and Radio 5. These broadcasts can be tuned thanks to a Rohde Schwarz transmitter, a content encoding provided by Ateme and receivers with Qualcomm technology.

Like any test, it has an objective. In this case it is check to what extent 5G technology is up to current needs. In fact, not only Barcelona will host this pilot program, since it is expected that 5G Broadcast will also be tested in other international territories.

Thus, while HD DTT continues to be delayed for another year, it seems that streaming broadcasts want to take the lead. Obviously it is early to confirm that this is going to be the case, but it confirms the idea of ​​many interested in take DTT out of homes and extend it beyond. And on top of that, taking advantage of technologies in full expansion such as 5G and guaranteeing that no data is consumed. Although at a technical level it would not be comparable, we could say that at a user level it would be something similar to listening to the radio with an FM app and connected wired headphones.

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