Does your Samsung Galaxy need a battery change? So you can check your health from your own mobile and without downloading applications

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Battery. That thing. One of the elements common to all smartphones and that brings us the most headaches. What if it doesn’t hold me the whole day, if the autonomy is not the same as the beginning, if this is not normal… Well, if you have a Samsung mobile, we will teach you precisely how to control its battery health.

And it is evident that on many occasions it is not normal to have battery problems. Although they tend to degrade over time, a drastic drop in health is rare. Luckily, Samsung includes a way to check this and even allows you to request a repair, either paying for it or free if it turns out to be a defect covered by the guarantee.

How to run a battery diagnostic on a Samsung mobile

As this information is not something that Android includes natively, it is common to have to resort to apps with which to check the health of the mobile’s battery. However, some manufacturers such as Samsung include this check nativelyso these apps can be useful, but not essential.

samsung battery

  • Open the app’Samsung Members’.
  • Go to the ‘Assistance’ tab (the one that appears at the bottom right).
  • Click on ‘Phone diagnostics’.
  • Choose the ‘Battery’ option.
  • Starts battery diagnostics.

Once this is done, information regarding the state of the battery will appear on the screen. In case of need a repairyou will be given options in this section, which you can also find in the ‘Samsung Members’ app by following these steps:

Galaxy Battery

  • Go to the ‘Assistance’ tab.
  • Scroll down to the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section.
  • Tap on ‘Battery’.
  • Now click on ‘Request repair’.

It should be said that in addition to the option to request a repair, Samsung also offers other avenues of help How to contact a specialized technical service agent via text chat or remote support.

Symptoms that the battery is not good

This executable diagnosis from your Samsung mobile should be enough to know if the battery is good or not. However, It may happen that it does not appear as reflected and that it is deteriorated. Therefore, there are ways to check it.

  • if the mobile It is new and the battery barely lasts in normal uses (in very demanding and prolonged uses, it could be normal).
  • System slowdownsomething that is not only perceived in use, but usually appears in the form of a warning stating that the deterioration of the battery can not only cause a negative effect on autonomy, but also on performance.
  • When the mobile does not charge with no charging accessories. If it happens with one or two, it may be because they are not certified or because these accessories are defective, but if it happens with all of them, it is strange and the battery will be to blame.
  • Doesn’t charge wirelessly even being compatible with her. Here again it happens as in the previous case, and this is detected if it really does not work even with original and/or certified charging bases.
  • Shuts off long before reaching 1%this being a symptom that the mobile battery needs to be calibrated, although it certainly defines that the battery is not in good condition if it continues to happen after that.
  • If the mobile heats up relatively easily and without it being exposed to high temperatures, it may be due to battery problems. And if this is not the culprit, it is clear that it will affect you, so in any case you will need to take the device to the technical service.

It should be said that in the event that the mobile is new, you should not have to pay for the repair. When failures of this type occur in a recent terminal, it is covered by the guarantee. The exception would be that the technical service detects that it is not due to a factory defect, but to misuse on your part.

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