Does your phone pass Google’s new root check? Find out with this app

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The System Integrity API puts a Google Play server in communication with one owned by the app, which sends the verdict on whether the device passed the integrity check to the app’s server. What happens next depends on the logic you want to include in the app: for example, you can limit access to the app if the mobile has been rooted or has the unlocked bootloader.


There are applications to check if our mobile passes the SafetyNet check, and we also now have an app to check if we passed the Play Integrity check. The app is free, open source and you can get it on Google Play: Play Integrity API Checker.

The application literally has a button, Check, with which we can check. The Google Play Integrity API returns us three separate results, which developers can use to allow some changes. If everything is green, you pass all checks. If there are any red results, that check has failed.


The author of the application has shared some additional information about the different tests on his Twitter. the first test, MEETS_DEVICE_INTEGRITY is what most applications check and determines if the system believes that the mobile is rooted or not. The second, MEETS_BASIC_INTEGRITY should happen on most devices (even rooted), while the third, MEETS_STRONG_INTEGRITY determines if the system bootloader is unlocked.

If your mobile does not pass the first check, there still seems to be hope to hide your root. The author of the app shares the “simple” trick of using a Magisk module like Universal SafetyNet Fix to trick the system with a fingerprint of an older version of Android where the first check will pass by technically not being able to do the check.

Play Intergrity API Checker

Play Intergrity API Checker

  • Developer: Nikolas Spiridakis
  • Download it at: google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Tools