Do your Android Auto apps disappear? So you can get them back

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do your android auto apps disappear so you can get.webp.webp.webp

One of the best applications that you can have both on your mobile and in the car is Android Auto. If you have a vehicle compatible with this system, you already know that, basically, turn dashboard screen into android system in which the compatible applications that we have on the phone appear automatically.

However, as with any software, strange things can happen, such as apps that stop appearing overnight on the car’s screen. If that happens to you, don’t worry, since we are going to teach recover Android Auto apps that have disappeared

How to recover apps in Android Auto

First things first and we must remember that all applications installed on the phone that are compatible with Android Auto, will appear on the car console automatically.

In fact, if you install a new application like Waze or Telegram, for example, it will automatically be displayed on the vehicle’s screen the next time you connect the mobile. Of course, the opposite can also happen, that WhatsApp, for example, which had always been available, stops showing the icon from one day to the next on the screen.

For whatever reason, the vehicle or mobile may have caused this error, making the application unavailable. There may be a bug in a recent update that affects the specific version of Android Auto, but the permissions may have changed and we have to add the app again manually.

Either way, don’t worry ’cause It is very easy to recover an Android Auto app that has disappeared. You simply have to follow these steps:

  • You have to go to the ‘Settings’ menu of your mobile and, in the magnifying glass icon, look for “Android Auto”.
  • You enter the application settings and, on the main screen, you will see an option called “Customize app menu”. You have to click there.
  • You will find the applications compatible with Android Auto and a small box to the right of it. Simply check that the blue box has not been unchecked and, if it is selected, but the app does not appear in the car, click on it to uncheck it and check it again.
  • That should have fixed the issue of apps not showing up in Android Auto.
recover android apps auto

You will see that there are certain applications that do not have the box. That means you can’t select them to remove them from the screen and they must always be there. It is logical, on the other hand, since they are the basic experience of Android Auto.

Besides, from that application menu you can select the order you want for the grill. Simply put your finger on the icon with the six dots next to each app and drag to the position you want.

However, What if checking/unchecking doesn’t fix the error? The app on your phone may work perfectly, but for whatever reason the data has been corrupted. If you’ve tried the above and it still doesn’t work, you will need to uninstall and reinstall the app on your phone.

If the app that doesn’t work is WhatsApp, make sure that the backup copy of the app is up to date so as not to lose data. With this measure, which is the most drastic, the application should reappear in the main menu of Android Auto.

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