Do you have a slow Android? Telegram has the solution with its new update

do you have a slow android telegram has the solution.webp.webp.webp
do you have a slow android telegram has the solution.webp.webp.webp

Only a month ago Telegram 9.4 arrived with interesting news for the messaging app. Is now Telegram 9.5 the latest version. In it, despite having functional innovations, they focus above all on performance improvements.

And it is that this latest update, already available on Google Play, includes options very oriented to less powerful Android mobiles or that they do not go through their best moment because they are already somewhat old. We review all these novelties below.

Power saving mode

Energy Saving Telegram

Telegram itself speaks of how “beautiful and li

Thus, within the settings there is the “energy saving” mode that allows enable or disable individually effects such as animated stickers and emojis, animation in calls or automatic GIFs.

Although the striking thing about this function is that it will not deactivate them always, but when reaching a certain percentage of battery. This can be set with a bar at the top of the settings panel, being able to set anything from 1% to 100%.

Very slow or very fast voice messages

Telegram Audio Speed

The famous “audios”. You either hate them or you love them. The fact is that in Telegram it would be allowed to listen to them at normal speed or 2x (1.5x also in recent times). Now new options are added to listen to it at “slow” (0.5x), “normal” (1x), “medium” (1.2x), “fast” (1.5x), “very fast” (1.7x), or “super” speed. fast” (2x). Just press and hold the speed icon at the top to bring up those options.

You can now see the time the message was read (in some groups)

Messages Read Telegram

Unlike WhatsApp, in Telegram you cannot know what time a message has been read. Only if it has been read. This information is provided in this version. in small groups. And for this you only have to press the message once.

New animated emojis, reactions and more changes from Telegram 9.5

Having already seen the most relevant features of this version, we will do a quick review of the other new features added by this latest update. Very oriented almost all to the visual.

  • Group invitations: now you can in