Discord on mobile: 27 tips and tricks to master this powerful messaging app

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discord on mobile 27 tips and tricks to master this.jpg

Discord It has become the favorite messaging client of the players, since through its servers and channels they can chat about their favorite games, organize games and chat while playing, but in this application we will also find all kinds of user communities, in addition to allow us to create our own servers with our friends.

The potential of this application is enormous, and that is why we leave you with a selection with 27 tips and tricks for mastering Discord on our Android devices, reviewing each of the most important features of this messaging client.

Find servers to join

Discord Servers

As also happens in your desktop application, Discord for mobiles does not include a server search engine to participate in its IRC channels. To find servers of their user communities we will have to resort to pages such as Discord.me, Disboard.org, Discordservers.com or Discordea.net to access their invitation links.

Create your own server

Discord Create Server

If you can’t find a community that fits you, you can create your own from Discord for Android. You just have to click on ‘+’ to create your server. You can create it from a template or from scratch, where you will also have to create your channels. You add a name and optionally an image and you can start inviting your friends to your new server.

Create and organize your channels by categories

Discord Channels Categories

If you are the administrator of a server, to maintain order, when creating channels it is best organize them into categories. Clicking on the icon of your server and then its name opens its menu where the options to create category and create channel appear. Here you can create private categories so that only the users you want can access their channels.

Enable your community to access more options

Discord Enable Community

If we want our server to be a large community of users, it is recommended to go to the server settings to access the option ‘Enable community’. This option turns our server into a community server activating additional administrative tools that will help you moderate and expand your server. For example, when you activate the community, only users with verified email will be able to participate on your server, and Discord will automatically remove all explicit content.

Adjust the verification level

Discord Level Verification

In the server settings you can adjust the level of verification from the section ‘Moderation’. This feature is intended for public servants, since you can ask that, in addition to users having a verified email, they also have been registered for more than 5 or 10 minutes, or that they have a verified phone number. These measures are to try to avoid trolls.

Filter explicit content

Discord Filter Explicit Content

In that same section of ‘Moderation’ you can also adjust the explicit media filter. There you can disable it so that it does not filter anything, that it only parses it for non-role members, or that it filters content for all members.

Mark a channel as NSFW

Discord Channel Nsfw

If our server is going to have a NSFW channel, that is, with explicit content for adults, then we have to press and hold on that channel and then tap on ‘Edit channel’. There we can activate the ‘NSFW Channel’ option so that only those of legal age can see the content of that channel.

Add friends

Discord Friends

To add friends to your Discord account we have two options: know the username and label, or use the Nearby scan to locate close friends who also want to add us as friends. This option is in the ‘Friends’ tab.

Create roles for your server

Discord Roles

If your server grows it is recommended create roles so that each user can have different permissions on the server. So you can have users with access to permissions that can help you manage and moderate your server and other users with lower levels of participation. For example, there you can prevent anyone from being able to

Discord Members

Then in the section members It is where we can assign participant by participant the role that they will have on our servers. By default all members come with the role @everyone.

Manage the permissions of each channel

Discord Permissions

Discord also allows us to configure the permits individually to each channel from the channel settings. While the roles are more generally focused on all the server channels, here we can further adjust the permissions per role or members.

Limit the time for in

Limit users and quality of voice channels

Discord Settings Voice Chat

Discord is also very popular for its voice chatsso you can chat with your friends and other players while playing a game together. In the channel settings you can adjust the bit rate and the user limit to customize the voice chat experience on your server to your liking.

Add your own Emojis

Discord Emojis

In the Discord app you can create your own Emojis from the server settings. So the conversations on your channels will have a more personal touch. You can add up to 50 custom emojis, and to create them the images must not exceed 256 KB. Only users who are subscribed to Discord Nitro will be able to use emojis from animated GIFs.

Add bots to your server

In Discord you can not only add people to your servers but you can also add bots to create automation in your channels. For this you will have to resort to third-party websites such as Bots on Discord, Discord Bot List or Carbonitex. In the next tutorial you will learn how to add bots to your servers:

Post a message on the channel

Discord Fix

It is advisable pin the most important messages for each channel of your servers, such as standards, releases so that they are more accessible to new users. To fix a message, it is as simple as making a long press on the text and in the option menu, click on ‘Fix’. By clicking on the name of the channel you will be able to access the section ‘Pinned messages’.

Format your messages with Markdown

As with WhatsApp, you can add formatting to your messages with Markdown. Through the following codes you can edit your text to add bold, italic, underlined and strikethroughs:

  • Bold font: **bold font**
  • Italics: * italic * or _cursive_
  • Underlined: __underlined__
  • Strikethrough: ~~ Crossed out ~~

You can combine the codes to format your messages. For example, you can write bold and underlined by combining __ ** text ** __, or bold, underlined, and italic with __ *** text *** __.

Change your nickname on a server

Discord Change Nickname

You may be on a server and want another name to be displayed. You may change nickname from the server menu. The @username # tag will be the same but your new nickname will appear in the main chat view.

Mention to communicate important things

Discord Mentions

During Discord conversations you can to mention so that it is clearer to whom or to whom you are referring. You can mention everyone on the channel with @everyone, mention only the users who are connected in the channel with @here, mention a @Username or to the users of a certain @role. When mentioning, they will receive a notification, unless they are silenced for mentions.

Edit or delete your messages

Discord Edit Delete

If in

Reply to a message with or without mention

Discord Reply

With a long press on a message, the option also appears answer, which allows us to quote the message of the person to whom we are going to respond. When responding we can have the mention @ enabled or @ disabled. If it is activated, the user we are answering will receive a notice.

Configure notifications and mute channels

Discord Server Notifications

By clicking on the name of the server we can configure its notifications. There we can adjust if we want to receive notifications of all messages, only mentions or no notification, among other options. There it is configured for all the channels of that server.

From the menu of a channel we can silence said channel for a certain time or configure its notifications as we saw previously.

Discord Mute Channel

Change your status so they don’t bother you

Discord Status

We can also silence notifications by changing our status. In the tab ‘User settings’ we can set our status. With the state ‘Do not disturb’ all notifications from all servers are disabled.

Activate 2-Step Verification

Discord Verification Two-Step

To protect our account it is advisable to activate the two-step verification to ensure that only we can log in with our account, and therefore access and manage our servers. To do this we just have to activate said protection from User Settings> My Account> Enable Two-Factor Authentication.

Set your privacy and security

Discord Privacy Security

Since User settings> Privacy and security We can also customize the security of direct messaging to analyze received messages, to decide who can add me as a friend, and to configure other privacy information.

Customize its appearance

Discord Appearance

In the section Appearance we can change app theme Y resize of the letter to adjust the Discord interface to our tastes and needs.

Turn off automatic image playback

Discord Accessibility

In section Accessibility We can also disable the automatic playback of animated GIFs, emojis and stickers in case we don’t want to see so many animations on the screen.

Connect other services with your profile

Discord Connections

Finally, we can connect other services to our Discord account. In the section of Connections We can link our profile Twitter, Xbox Live, Reddit, Twitch and co so that Discord users who access our profile know where else they can follow us.

Discord - Talk, chat and hang out

Discord – Talk, chat and hang out

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