‘Diablo Immortal’ comes to iOS and Android in a matter of weeks: Activision Blizzar confirms the release date

diablo immortal comes to ios and android in a matter.jpeg
diablo immortal comes to ios and android in a matter.jpeg

It has been a long time since pre-registration for Diablo Immortal was opened in the mobile ecosystem. It happened in the month of November of last 2018, and almost four years passed until in March of this 2022 the previous registration was opened in the App Store for iOS. Now we finally have a definite date for its arrival on the market. It will be available on June 2. Little more than a month to count from today.

Activision Blizzard has officially confirmed that the game will arrive in the first days of June. Presumably, the company has spent all this time doing what it promised: fixing bugs, tweaking various aspects of the game, and configuring the best possible experience for the game. A) Yes, the closed beta phase is about to come to an end and we will have ‘Diablo Immortal’ for a while.

Diablo Immortal will open June on mobile

Activision Blizzard has made the announcement within a battery of communications made through its website. There you can consult the date that we have indicated, on June 2, 2022, such as the release of the game in “most regions of the world”. The company confirms that some countries in the Asia-Pacific area will join after the date sheet, “a few weeks later”.

Blizzar also confirms that it has received more than 30 million pre-registrations through the various mobile game stores and that it will offer “a deep, authentic and free game”. Thus, it is confirmed that we will not have to pay to play ‘Diablo Immortal’ neither from iOS nor from Android, and also that it will arrive for free on Windows with an open beta that will begin on that day, June 2.

It seems confirmed that we will also have the weekly game limit within ‘Diablo Immortal’, although we still do not know how it will be implemented. Everything indicates that we will have a series of game hours per week and that, once exceeded, our character will not be able to continue evolving nor will we be able to improve the equipment. So the moment we can’t continue leveling up, we’ll have to shut down until next week. We will check everything from June 2.

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