Creating avatars with your cartoon is easier than ever with Cartoonize

creating avatars with your cartoon is easier than ever with.jpg
creating avatars with your cartoon is easier than ever with.jpg

If you want to make a caricature you have several options: go to the Retiro or equivalent place in your city and look for an artist to do it for you at a good price or use applications for it, which are becoming more and more abundant. Cartoonize is a new app that, in addition to making cartoons, makes it easier for you create avatars to use as profile picture on social networks or apps.

Cartoonize is a simple app to which you provide a photo and it returns a caricature that you can customize by choosing among the various colors, gradients and backgrounds available. It’s free, and while some designs require a subscription, you can unlock them by watching ads.

Create caricatures in seconds

Do you need a profile picture and don’t feel like using an ordinary photo? You can always turn to applications to give it a more artistic touch, such as ToonMe. Cartoonize is a similar but much simpler concept, which has its charm, as ToonMe can be a bit overwhelming.

The application is very easy to use. First, you have to choose between the four types of avatars: female, male avatar and 3D avatar. The first two allow you to put your face with its relevant caricature in drawings with different poses such as a soccer player, Ironman or Santa Claus, while the last two are simply the face and a background to choose from.


To create your background you can use a photo that you have on your mobile or take it from the application itself, with the only indications that you are looking straight ahead and without hands or any other element in between. After pressing Startyou will be able to see your caricature in a few seconds and with the occasional ad in between.

cartoons are available in 2D and 3D version and they are in many cases of good quality, although sometimes it can generate something that does not look anything like you, which will not help you to create an avatar, but it will give you a laugh.

custom backgrounds

You can customize the creations by changing the background

An interesting feature of Cartoonize is that you can customize avatar background choosing between colors, gradients or images with different designs, to generate a more attractive and striking image to use in social networks or wherever you are most convinced. The created images can be saved on mobile at a resolution of 512 x 512 pixels for close-ups and 1080 x 1080 for full-body avatars.

As we mentioned before, without paying You will be able to use Cartoonize without restrictions, but you will have to watch an ad before unlocking some of the designs. To remove the ads and enable all the content, you can opt for a monthly subscription of 6.99 euros or a one-time payment of 54.99 euros.

Cartoonize - Cartoon Yourself

Cartoonize – Cartoon Yourself

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  • Price: Free
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