Creating an anime profile picture is as easy as using these three AI apps

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creating an anime profile picture is as easy as using.webp.webp.webp

The advent of AI-based tools is giving us a thousand and one ways to generate original content. In this sense, some solutions such as Stable Diffusion or Lensa stand out, but if there is one that has revolutionized this fieldthat’s Midjourney.

When we create images with these applications, more than once I have thought about putting them to the test, and there is no better way than asking for a character for an anime. As a lover of Japanese animated series, I tell you how to do it and I show you several results that have left me with my mouth open.

Creating the next Tanjiro or Monkey D. Luffy


In the heads of many anime fans, there has always been the thought of imagining new characters that could join our favorite fictions. Let’s not fool ourselves, we are real fans (some would call us weird), but nothing could be further from the truth, now it is possible thanks to bots that make our imagination fly.

I have tried three of the most popular tools: Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and Dall-E2. And the result could not be more disparate. I make a spoiler and it is that Midjourney continues to return top results, also with difference. ob

It should be mentioned that the prompt introduced has been the same in the three utilities, so don’t put any of them at a disadvantage. I have used an English request, since these generators understand Shakespeare’s language better. Specifically, the text introduced has been: An anime character with blond hair, green eyes, in the style of Attack on Titan.

We begin to review the results with Stable Diffusion, the Stability AI solution that is Open Source. As we can see, the images are of quite acceptable quality, with certain details. However, not everything has gone as it should with a somewhat strange character (first image starting from the left side). Almost any of these characters could be the next protagonist of an anime or manga, and the truth is that they are pretty cool.

Stable Diffusion Anime

The Stability AI tool makes a mistake in one of the images, but the result is quite successful.

We now turn to DALL·E 2, developed by OpenAI, the same people who created the famous ChatGPT and which now has a paid version. This tool returns a single image. Without fear of being wrong, we can affirm that this is the worst result by far. Although it’s not a bad drawing (I couldn’t create such an image), it has a somewhat basic design for what these utilities are used to.

Dall E 2023 03 17 14 47 03 An Anime Character With Blond Hair Green Eyes In The Style Of Attack On Titan

The image generated by DALL-E is not bad. But it looks more like a drawing made by some amateur.

To end this round we see what Midjourney is capable of. How do we anticipate

Anime character with Midjourney

This is just one example of the amazing possibilities of Midjourney.

With a little imagination, you can become an anime character

As we have seen, advances in AI allow us not only to have chatbot like Bing with ChatGPT, but create images for any purpose. For example, if we are looking for a profile image, a wallpaper, or simply a design for a personal project, these applications make our lives easier.

The most interesting thing about this is that we don’t need a computer, we can use them from the mobile, without any problem. Midjourney is accessible through Discord and the other two apps have dedicated websites, which we can access from our phone’s browser. To enter the prompt obviously we will use the keyboard, and the generated images can be perfectly saved in the internal memory.

If in your case, you want transform into anime character, you can do it too. To do this, you will have to upload pre

Anime Profile Photo

A server in anime style.

In DALL-E, its main screen contains a button to upload images. You must touch on Upload an image and then select the photo you want to convert. Then enter the prompt and hit Generateafter a few seconds, you will have your image ready.

In Midjourney, we can make use of this same functionality. To do this, in Discord tap on the “+” button to upload a photo, then type /imagine and followed by, enter the link of your photograph, then the request. When it’s ready, the bot it will turn you into a very cool anime character.

As we have seen, we can create real wonders thanks to the new trends in Artificial Intelligence. Having our own character or transforming an anime-style profile image has never been possible, until now.

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